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RB Group offers different kind of glass in plastic: small and large sizes, mugs and cups, white, colored and transparent glasses. We supply food services and wholesalers.
So please, contact us to get more information, free estimates or customization requests .
We meet your needs in a quick time offering the transport of goods.

You will be pleasanty surprised by the quality and convenience of our glasses!

Cutlery is the most popular and most demanded product of our production. Forks, knives and spoons are distinguished by their high quality materials and a very competitive price. It is no coincidence that RB Group clutlery is the most widespread among the canteens and the food services.

Don't miss the chance to get the best supply at the lowest cost in the market, please contact us and request the products you prefer!

We will be at your disposal to listen to your needs!

All our products comply with the highest food security criteria according to the strictest European regulations (D.M. 21/03/73 e EEC Directive 89/109)

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